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This 12-day course will offer daily themes, rituals, and meditations to support your vitality, uplift your heart, and enliven your home.

Starts October 14TH, 2019

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THE RESET is your guide to declutter, destress, and welcome new possibilities. Come back to balance and witness how one small action can have a profound ripple effect in all aspects of your life. ARE YOU READY TO RESET?



Each morning you will receive an email sharing guidance and a simple practice for the day.

You will gain tools to:

  • Calm your mind and shift perspectives

  • Relax your body and balance your emotions

  • Enhance and clear your physical space

  • Deepen your intuition and connection to the signs around you

You will begin to realize that the subtle shifts you make internally and externally support each other in powerful ways. When you clear your mind, you are more aware of the healthy choices you are making. When you feel nourished, you have more creative energy and confidence to initiate new projects. When you create a sense of harmony and peace in your home, you feel a deeper sense of wellbeing, joy, and possibility. This sense of aliveness fuels the process and helps you build momentum as you work towards living your most inspired life.




Includes 12 unique practices emailed daily. A guidebook with all content, worksheets, and meditations will be provided at the end of the course.