A simple word, yet profound in its meaning. Elegance and fluidity. To add presence and beauty.  A touch of spirit.  A whisper of love.  A wave of breath. Grace is powerful, yet subtle. It is something that can be felt and experienced, yet still remains mystical and mysterious. And somehow, I believe at the deepest level we are all looking for a little more grace, in our bodies, hearts, and lives. There is a human longing to find ease in our being, freedom in our living, and harmony with others and the world around. To know intimately our true purpose and innate essence, and to trust the path that will allow our creativity and potential to be expressed.   

Grace is the bridge between our human story and our spiritual, divine journey. When we have the patience, courage, and willingness to look below the surface of our lives, the wisdom and light of the soul will make itself known. The reflective nature of our inner world and outer life reveals itself.  And, the interdependent relationship with all things pierces through.  From this awareness, we can encounter greater possibility, synchronicity, and connection. And when challenges and conflicts do arise, rather than hardening us, they can call forth new dimensions and capacities. Grace, a power we open to. A power that opens us. 

In some ways the spirit of grace is always present. Like the sun warming the skin we don’t always notice it but when we do, it feels heavenly and perfect.  And, at the same time, there is work to be done to attune to it and abide in it. The beauty is that there are many paths and portals to lead us to greater embodiment and integration. On one hand, it is a process that requires us to examine the body and psyche to free ourselves from past conditioning. On the hand, surroundings can enhance and transform our state of being.  By bringing attention to one dimension of our consciousness, we infuse vitality and healing into the greater tapestry of our lives.

3 Simple Ways to Invite Grace into Your Life. 

1. Find a quiet place outside in nature.

Sit for a moment. Take a few long deep breaths, allowing the exhale to be a little longer than the inhale. Imagine the exhale releasing any unnecessary tension.  Relax your face, your  jaw, and holding in your diaphragm.  Then, just sit quietly with your natural breath. Feel the breeze  on your skin. The warmth of the sun. Notice a little more space in your body and mind. Perhaps a little more openness in your heart. As you feel the space within can you also tune in to the space and flow that is all around?

2. Place a beautiful natural object in your home.

Whether it is a flower, sea shell, or piece of driftwood, find an object that inspires your connection to the elements and the world around.

3. Focus on the space.

Whether it’s your physical environment, your schedule throughout the day, or the thoughts that arise in your mind… can you turn your attention to the space in between? The space between the objects in a room, the space between your thoughts. Can you relish a moment of pause and spaciousness before rushing to do the next thing? We tend to focus on the form and the material, just for a moment can you put your attention to the space and the energy that flows through and all around?

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