The true force behind yoga lies in its power to connect us with the deepest parts of ourselves. As we build more strength and freedom in the body, we naturally cultivate more clarity in the mind and openness in the heart. Weaving together principles of alignment with a meditative flow, Hillary offers her students a physically challenging practice, embraced with heart and spirit.

Individual and Private Group sessions are available to support you:

  • Fine-tune alignment & target areas of weakness
  • Bring more fluidity & aliveness to the body
  • Deepen your awareness & personal home practice
  • Offer mentorship and guidance to new teachers

Hillary's style draws from her studies in the Vinyasa Flow, Iyengar, and Yin Yoga traditions as well as her background in Vajrayana, Vipassyana and Mindfulness Meditation. She is a Certified YogaWorks instructor and a leader in their teacher training program.

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YogaWorks: Larkspur Landing

  • Tuesday and Thursday: 9:00-10:10 Level 2
  • Saturday: 10:00-11:10 Level 1-2

YogaWorks: Mill Valley

  • Tuesday and Thursday 4:30-5:40 Level 2-3
  • Friday: 4:30-5:25 Level 2
  • Sunday 9:30-10:40 Level 2-3

YogaWorks: Novato

  • Saturday 8:15-9:15 Level 2
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